How to Fix Microphone Issues for Samsung Cell Phones?

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A simple USB to 3.5mm converter did the trick. You can diagnose generally why your Microphone is not working on your computer. Close all windows and again pressWindows + Rkeys on your keyboard to startRun. Type%Programdata%and clickOK. This will take you to a hidden folder named ProgramData where program-related settings or data are stored.

Right-click on it and select Update Driver. Enable your Microsoft Teams microphone. Close your Microsoft Teams and open it again to make sure that Teams gets access for the Microphone. Click on the profile picture at the top and select Settings. Click on Devices, and use the drop-down under Microphone to select your microphone device.

What difference does a SIM card do?

Once the tray has been removed , we must replace the card , which may have moved, and re-insert the carriage to check if the problem has disappeared. Before you factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus you need to backup your data. ‘Starting from new’ means that all of your data on the phone will be deleted so after you do the factory reset you can restore your data and apps from backup.

The next tab is Levels, check and see if the Microphone Level is 100. Press the Windows logo + R keys together. This will open the Run window where you need to type “” and press enter. Now, switch to the “Levels” tab and ensure the “Microphone Level” is close to 100. Press “Windows” and “R” key at once and a small Run window will open up at the bottom-left corner.

  • The same applies to a group meeting as well.
  • Once you turn off Bluetook your microphone should immediately start working as normal.
  • You might have more than one audio device connected to your system.

If you are using a new SIM card, please ensure it is activated. Please ensure you are using the correct size SIM card, and that you have it inserted in the correct slot if you are using a dual-SIM phone. Please ensure you are using the correct size SIM card, and that you have it inserted in the correct slot if you are using a dual-SIM phone.. After that, the microphone will work for HOURS, with NO malfunctions or problems at all.

How to Fix It When a Laptop Microphone is Not Working

As a greater number of devices are going live simultaneously, it’s hard to activate them all. Since this problem is carrier-dependent, nothing much could be done except for waiting. Once you’ve attempted the above settings and solutions, reboot your phone to freshen up the phone processing. Hopefully, the issue will be rectified post a restart of your device. Interesting — Not Working the SIM card may have been the issue. The magnet was where the SIM card slot is located.

Or, you can open Settings and go to Network and Internet and toggle it on. Leave Airplane Mode on for about 30 seconds, and when you turn it off, your device will start looking for a network. Hopefully, the SIM card issue will be fixed. The SIM card issue remained even though the SIM slot is built into the part I replaced and the part I purchased is supposed to be guaranteed, tested, clean IMEI, etc. I’ve taken out every unrelated component and replaced the screen again and replaced the battery so about the only thing that is common is the flex PCB with the mic … There are many different reasons why Android devices cannot read SIM cards.

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